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Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Viewing Trips

Purchasing a property anywhere on the world is different to buying it the UK, and Bulgaria is no exception. However, buying through us the process will certainly be 'hassle free', that's our Promise.

The process

When you buy an 'off plan' property in Bulgaria, it is very similar to purchasing an 'off plan' property in the UK. A contract is drawn up and signed by all parties. This is an obligation to build on behalf of the developer, and an obligation to buy on the behalf of the client. The contract will be produced by the developers Solicitor and you will be given every opportunity to seek your own legal advice before signing.

When the property is completed then the 'Notary' will ensure all the correct details are entered onto the property deeds, as per your instruction. The 'Notary' acts on the behalf of the Government.

Before visiting Bulgaria
Once you have made the decision on which property is for you, we will reserve this property at your request for a total of 3 working days, whilst you send to us your reservation deposit of 500.00 pounds. This deposit is refunded at the end of you purchase, but is non refundable if you decide not to continue your purchase.

We can assist with your flights and accommodation when you are ready to visit Bulgaria.
We will collect you from your arrival airport and transport you to your accommodation. At a time suitable to yourself, we will pick you up from the place at which you are staying and show you all the properties we have to offer in the region you have chosen.

The decision is then yours, as to whether you want to proceed with your chosen property or not.

Visiting Bulgaria before reserving
When choosing this option, you run the risk that the property you have set your heart on from viewing the website, may already have been sold upon your arrival. But, there is no reservation fee to pay prior to your arrival.

We will arrange to collect you from your accommodation, and take you to the view all the properties we have to offer in that region.

All our apartments are 'Freehold', therefore no other cost are incurred.

Before purchasing a house, you will need to set up a company. We can assist you in this process, which is relatively a simple process with a solicitor of your own choosing. The total cost of this is approximately 500.00 pounds

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